Great Leap-Characters

Character List for Great Leap, a “no contact” live-action roleplaying game.

Below are leaders of China’s Communist Party who you can play as during this game that is set in 1959 at China’s Lushan Conference regarding the future of the ambitious Great Leap Forward.

Some liberties have been taken with historical positions.

Bo Yibo – Mao’s swimming partner.

Chen Yi – Famous General, current Foreign/Cultural minister.

Deng Xiaoping – Up and coming dealmaker.

Jiang Qing – Mao’s wife; former Opera singing star; very interested in Cultural activities.

Li Xiannian – Finance minister.

Lin Biao – Vice Premier, Internal Security.

Liu Shaoqi – Vice-Chairman of China’s Communist Party.

Mao Zedong  –  Chairman of China’s Communist Party.

Nie Rongzhen – Famous General, Minster of Science and Technology.

Peng Dehuai – Famous General who led China’s forces in the Korean War.

Zhou Enlai – Premier.

Zhu De – Famous General who led China’s forces in World War II.