Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC makes Live Action Games.

If you are interested in our Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) writing and editing services, please contact us for details. Some more information on our LARP world is provided on the Renaissance World system page.

(c) Flintlocks and Fancy, 2014

Contact us by writing a Comment on this site or by emailing us. Our email address is eponymous with the site’s website address at gmail.

If you are an artist who has a portfolio of Victorian, Steampunk, Renaissance, Baroque, or Medieval work and are willing to create new works for compensation, please let us know as we have future projects for which your work may be welcomed.

What is a LARP? A LARP is an acronym for “Live Action Roleplaying Game.” Essentially the games we present are interactive Murder Mystery Theatre where you play a role, much as an actor plays a role in a play. Our “no contact” games are an excellent introduction for people who love acting but who may have never previously played a Roleplaying Game. If you enjoy acting, you can LARP. A bevy of characters are available for both experienced and not-so experienced actors. Our helpful GMs will be glad to assist you either before or during the game.


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