The System

The Renaissance World system by Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC has a few variations:

  • 1st Edition. A stripped-down LARP system with minimal statistics and easy Rock/Paper/Scissors resolutions. Ties are resolved by if a defender has a higher “Dodge” rather than the attacker’s “Melee” or “Gun” statistic. Players also have additional “Abilities”, which are listed and explained on their sheets. No external rulebook is needed to play.
  • Sample Games run with 1st Edition rules:

  • 1st Edition, Modified. Modified has more statistics and involves more GM adjudication. Abilities are still listed and explained on Players’ sheets. The Modified system also involves tabletop elements like player-run encounter events that are resolved without GM intervention.
  • Sample Games run with 1st Edition, Modified Rules:

  • Attribute Edition. Attribute is similar to the 1st Edition, Modified edition. Its characters are more fluid and player-defined. Its powers and abilities are clearly defined.
  • Sample Games run with Attribute Rules:

  • Living Edition. Similar to 1st Edition, but here, certain bonuses carry over game to game. You, a member of one of several groups struggling to preserve the past, traveled back in time as a “spirit” inhabiting a historical personage, because demons have traveled back in time and are hell-bent on drastically altering historical events.
  • Sample Games run with Living Edition Rules:

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