Renaissance World

Renaissance World is the System and World for the no-contact Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs) run by Flintlocks.

Renaissance World System:

Historical themed non-contact LARPs run with minimal adjudication and played in 3-5 hour sessions.

The system has three variations:

  • 1st Edition, Modified. The Modified system also involves tabletop elements like player-run encounter events that are resolved without GM intervention.
  • Games with 1st Edition, Modified Rules:

  • 1st Edition, Living. In the”Living” series, previous plays in any Flintlocks LARP provides bonuses. The players are members of one of the Factions (Templars, Architects of Seshat, Exorcists/Februarum), who travel through time, recovering or destroying artifacts and investigating magical mysteries while preventing Demons from ruining the historical timeline.
  • Games with 1st Edition, Living Rules:

Renaissance World: The World

The world is a plastic and mutable timeline of history, affected deeply by a struggle between demonic entities and caretakers of human society.

Whether the conflict’s setting is intimate, like at a party celebrating the end of the War of 1812, or expansive, like treacherously navigating isles within the Bermuda Triangle during the Golden Age of Piracy, themes of heroism, infamy, betrayal, and trust abound.

LARP Services:

  • Purchase previously-run LARPs from our catalog
  • LARP Editing Services
  • Commissioned New LARP-writing Services

If you wish to purchase our LARP modules to run, or if you wish to discuss our services in designing new historical-themed LARPs or editing your LARPs for content, cohesiveness, grammar, or otherwise, please contact us at:

flintlocksandfancy with the email domain


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