LARPs – General

Below are the no-contact Live Action Roleplaying Games, (LARPs) produced by Flintlocks & Fancy and links to all information concerning them.

Tesla’s Golden Nightmare

Great Leap  (Living Rules)

Dark Age of Piracy  (Modified Rules)

1846: Quetzalcoatl’s Revenge  

1815: After the Battle of New Orleans 

LARP Services:

  • Purchase LARPs from our catalog
  • LARP Editing Services
  • Commissioned New LARP-writing Services

If you wish to purchase our LARP modules to run, or if you wish to discuss our services in designing new historical-themed LARPs or editing your LARPs for content, cohesiveness, grammar, or otherwise, please contact us at:

flintlocksandfancy with the email domain


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