Tesla’s Golden Nightmare- Characters

Character List for Tesla’s Golden Nightmare, a “no contact” live-action roleplaying game.

Below are characters who you can play as during this game that is set approximately in 1879 in Leadville, Colorado; they are all real historical persons.

– Below, characters are sorted into broad categories that represent general storylines.

– There are also magic storylines and other stories not shown here, but many of those are secret.

– Some characters appear under several storylines.

 Inventors (5)

Thomas Alva Edison     – Cranky famous inventor par-excellance. Tesla’s main rival.

Ada Lovelace               – Curious mathematician & inventor of a way to write “programs” for Charles  Babbage’s differential engine. Also, daughter of the Poet, Lord Byron(!)

Elijah McCoy          -Methodical  mechanical engineer; Town assayer who organizes mine sales.

Nikola Tesla       – Eccentric famous showmanlike inventor. Edison’s main rival.

George Westinghouse        – Cautious businessman and amateur inventor.


Businesspeople (7)

Buffalo Bill                               – (See Wild West)

Molly Brown                            – Indomitable businesswoman and socialite. Invests in mines. Baby Doe’s rival.

Nellie Cashman                      – Cunningly running the general store, you have more items than anyone.

Charles Goodnight                – Bombastic cattle drive king. Loaded with cash.

Elijah McCoy                            – (See Inventors)

Baby Doe Tabor                      – Impulsive ex-performer; married money & invests in mines. Molly’s rival.

George Westinghouse        – (See Inventors)


Wild West Show and Performers (6)

Buffalo Bill                               – Larger-than-Life showman and businessman. He runs the Wild West show.

Baby Doe Tabor                      – (See Businesspeople)

Lily Langtry                               – Coy and famous songstress from Britain, now on tour.

Kate                                             – Big-hearted former performer. Doc Holiday’s common-law wife.

Annie Oakley                          – Kind crack shot.

Sitting Bull                                – Wise native chief reduced to performing in a variety show.


Gunslingers and Gamblers (6)

Billy the Kid (fem. or male)  – Probably a criminal. Maybe just misunderstood.

Wyatt Earp                               – Fair-minded Lawman, famous for the OK Corral.

Doc Holliday                            – Gentlemanly gunslinger and gambler with a severe ailing sickness.

Wild Bill Hickok                     – Irascible gambler and notorious gunslinger.

Calamity Jane                          – Unlucky drunken brawler and close friend of Wild Bill Hickok.

Theodore Roosevelt            – Rich Northern dandy who can box.


Other (4)

Marie Laveau                         – Powerful voodoo practitioner.

Harriet Tubman                     – Influential ex-Underground Railroad conductor who helped slaves escape.

Mark Twain                             – Cynical and sarcastic newspaperman. Ida Wells’ rival.

Ida Wells                                  – Earnest newspaperwoman. Mark Twain’s rival.


Additional Characters (5):

Clara Barton (Other), -Founder of the Red Cross. Healer.

John Wesley Hardin (Gun),  -Angry Rebel Veteran.

Geronimo (Wild West), – Bitter native; relentless warrior.

Bat Masterson (Gun/Invention),  -Dapper and hopeless romatic. Friend to Wyatt Earp. Quarrels with Texas Jack.

Texas Jack Vermilion (Gun) – Genial Confederate gambler and gunslinger; Doc Holiday’s friend. Hates Bat Masterson.