Something Wicked- Characters

Characters (16)

Catherine (Kateryn) Parr     – King Henry VIII’s last wife. A respected political power broker.

Christopher/Christine Marlowe– Author and rival of Shakespeare.

Queen Elizabeth Tudor        – Ruler of Britain.

Frances Walsingham   – Daughter of the Sec’y of State & married to the Queen’s favorite, Deveraux.

Francis Bacon                          – Philosopher. Rival for the Queen’s affections

Francis Drake                         – Pirate, adventurer, and some say–lover of Queen Elizabeth.

Helena of Snakenborg         – Horseriding maid of honour for Queen Elizabeth.

John Dee/Jane Dee               – Alchemist and advisor to Queen Elizabeth.

Lettice Knowles/Knollys   – Rich noble; hated by Queen Elizabeth. Married to Robert Dudley.

Mary, Queen of Scots          – Enemy pretender to the Throne. Currently imprisoned off-site. (NOTE: This character does not interact like a typical LARP character. She can’t talk to anyone. She can write notes, and eavesdrop, but she cannot speak because she’s imprisoned off-site).

Robert Deveraux                   – 2nd Earl of Wessex. Dashing. A favorite of Elizabeth.

Robert Dudley         – Dashing noble. A favorite of Elizabeth. Husband of Lettice Knowles.

William Shakespeare/Anne Hathaway – Famous author.

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