Superheroes: After the End: Character List

Any character may be any gender.

Super powers and flaws are chosen by the players from other lists at the time of the game.

If you are not on a team at night’s end, you will have your power forcibly taken from you; so that’s some incentive to try your hardest to impress the team leaders and be placed on a team(!)

You choose your hero’s name.

Already On Teams (4)

(A) Famous Team Leader: Survived The End. Protective. Haunted. Very close to (B).

(B) Famous Team Lieutenant: Survived The End. Possibly was driven crazy. Very close to (A).

(C) Mercenary Team Leader: Survived The End. Hardcore.

(D) Mercenary Team Lt.: Survived The End. Out of control.


Trying Out for Teams (19)

(E) Reformed (?) Villain: Did very bad things. Helped save the world in The End.

(F) Drunkard/Addict: Was “discovered” when picked up for lewd vagrancy.

(G) Sidekick Teenager: Very happy and compliant. Wants to be a hero.

(H) Detective: You like mysteries wrapped in enigmas. Low powered.

(I) Idealist: Sees the best in everything and everyone.

(J) Big Planner: You have lots of ideas.

(K) Extremely Old Hero: Coming out of retirement.

(L) Family: From a family of heroes who all died in The End.

(M) Madcap: Was previously rejected from joining due to your pranks.

(N) Sentient AI: Highly logical.

(O) Second Chance Villain: Did some moderately bad things. Wasn’t released to help at The End.

(P) Rival: Hates the Famous Team and had own team; they all died in The End.

(Q) Scientist: Didn’t want to use the Power before, but the World needs you now.

(R) Dimensional Traveler: Fell onto Earth during The End.

(S) Sentient Dog: The End gave you powers; you want to be Humanity’s Best Friend.

(T) Anti-Establishment Teen: Sometimes you’re contrary just because it’s fun.

(U) Failure: Were kicked off the Mercenary Team due to a big accident.

(V) Warden: You were warden of the Supervillain Prison and didn’t fight in The End.

( W ) Bureaucrat: An elected 3rd World nation World Government representative. Now, a hero.