Templar Leadership Organization 

  • High Grand Templar (Αω): the Order’s Superior.
  • Underneath him (and it usually is a him- the Templars until recent times did not officially have women in high posts… although exceptional women tended to hold “unofficial” high places of authority), is: a
    • Grand Templar for certain geographical areas, e.g.
      • Grand Templar of the United States,
      • Grand Templar of France,
  • Beneath the Grand Templars are Officials with specific portfolios; e.g.
    • Temple Hospitallier, in charge of temple maintenance and medical issues.
    • Temple Auditor, in charge of disbursements of funds.
    • Temple Hunter, in charge of organizing and provisioning for “hunts” of demons.
    • Temple Archivist, in charge of records and any stored artifacts. Archivists track of demons’ reincarnations going back centuries.
  • Below the officials are their apprentices e.g.:
    • Apprentice Temple Auditor, etc.
  • Beneath the Apprentice Officials are the:
    • General Templar membership.
  • Beneath them are:
    • Supplicants, who are sponsored for potential membership.
    • Temple Confederates or Allies, non-members who help Templars in their goals.