The Last Fleet

Short Description:

Captains and Officers of the Last Fleet of surviving Earthlings jump across space doggedly pursued while electing an Admiral, politicking, and pursuing agendas.

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Long Description:

Primarily pursuing character-driven plots in Flintlocks & Fancy’s traditional style, a smaller group of interested players will also be involved in a megagame-like map as they divine the best way to jump across the galaxy and encounter planetary systems, avoid enemies and woo allies. Wager and work your way to freedom, a unified planetary force, gibbering madness, or abject annihilation.

Character Survey:

Characters will be assigned via a survey, to best match people!


If you wish to contact us, please message us through the convention’s contact system (this may only be available to you once registration starts and a ticket has been acquired–the site basically has a mini-forum for each event. You may need another way to contact us before then) OR type a comment in this website, providing us your email address so we can email you back OR see this site’s About page for an additional option.


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