The Tudor Curse – Character List

-Characters are sorted into broad categories representing general storylines. There are also magic storylines and others not shown. If you want someone with low complexity, please let the GM know.

– A strike-through: e.g. Henry, indicates the character is unavailable or reserved.

Political (12)

Cardinal Wolsey                    – Former #2 to Henry. Out of favor. Scrambling for benefits.

Thomas Cromwell                 – Henry’s #2. Pushes the reformation. Solving mysteries.

Norfolk (Thomas Howard) – Anne Boleyn’s politically manipulative uncle. A Queenmaker.

George Boleyn                     – Anne Boleyn’s loyal younger brother.

Charles Brandon                    – King’s brother-in-law. His-held Royal Seal goes on every Parliament bill.

Stephen Gardinier                – Priest and Attorney. Clerk of Commons (Procedure).

(Sir) John Shelton                  – High Sheriff  (Serjeant at Arms for Commons-security during debates)

(Baron) Richard Rich             – Speaker for Parliament. Rich as Croesus.

Tom Wyatt                               – Poet, Humanist and member of Parliament. World-traveler.

(King) Henry VIII                    – Mercurial King (Not in Parliament). Everyone plays for the King.

Jane Seymour                       – Rich lady in waiting to Queen Katherine with political influence. (Controls a vote in Parliament).

Edward Seymour                   – Jane Seymour’s brother. High Treasurer. Knows where the money goes.

Philosophers, Theists, and Scholars (5)

Thomas Cranmer                   – Archbishop of Canterbury. Eager to serve.

Desiderius Erasmus              – Highly respected calm and patient Humanist philosopher.

Thomas Cromwell                 (see Political)

Thomas More                          – Humanist philosopher. In Parliament. Former close ally of the King.

Hans Holbein                          – The famous, slightly mad artiste extraordinaire. From Germany.

Love and Politics of Marriage (9)

Katherine of Aragorn           – Spanish Queen of England. Trying to produce a male heir. Has a daughter.

Mary Boleyn                            – Former mistress to the King.

Mark Smeaton                        – Talented poet and musician. Manic-depressive.

George Boleyn                       – (see Political)

Mary “Madge” Shelton        – Inventive former mistress of the King.

Princess Mary                       – Precocious daughter of the King.

Cat Howard                              – Silly girl who loves love. Norfolk’s niece.

(King) Henry VIII                    – (see Political).

Anne Boleyn                            – The King’s current favorite. Sophisticated.

Other (3)

Mary Tudor                           – Wife of Charles Brandon and former Queen of France; Henry’s sister.

Eustace Chapuys                 – Imperial Envoy for the Holy Roman Empire, friend of the Queen.

Charles de Solier                – Imperial Envoy from France, England’s frenemy.