Ia Ia – Characters

Thank you, citizen for your interest in another Flintlocks & Fancy adventure in Alpha Complex with Friend Computer. Several clone bodies have been prepared, and your consciousness will be downloaded into one of them. Do not worry citizen, nothing can go wrong other than [REDACTED].


Mythos Reference


Doctor William Dye-R-RRR-1 At the Mountains of Madness A professor of geology in the R&D division of Miskatonic University tasked with finding locations to create new sectors.
Inspector John Raymond Leg-R-ASE-1 The Call of Cthulhu Totally not a member of internal security seeking cultists of the Great Old Ones. Keep in mind if playing him to be absolutely sure that you [REDACTED].
Pickman-R-CHR-1 Pickman’s Model A master painter of horrifying images. [REDACTED]
Charles Dexter Wa-R-RRD-7 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward An amateur antiquarian with inherited wealth.
Joseph K.-R-WEN-1 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward A psychologist focused on helping other clones, particularly Charles Dexter Wa-R-RRD-7.
Olmstead-R-BRT-1 The Shadow Over Innsmouth An antiquarian traveling between sectors looking for lost knowledge.
Henry Wentw-R-AKLey-1 The Whisperer in the Darkness A simple, boring, uninteresting algae farmer. Also, the team Happiness Officer.
De La Po-R-DLP-1 The Rats in the Walls A wealthy developer of real estate who recently finished the Exham Priory estate.
Randolph C.-R-TER-1 The Statement of Randolph Carter, The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, The Silver Key, Through the Gates of the Silver Key An antiquarian and student of Miskatonic University.
And Others… * *

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