In 2018, Flintlocks sponsors the following games:

A Plague on Both Houses (LARP) (Renaissance World: 1st Edition)

A Plague-Title3


York and Lancaster. Spirits, Cthulhu-esque Demons, Merlin, and Knights of the Round Table clash. The War of the Roses that inspired Game of Thrones.

1485: The Houses of York, Lancaster, and Tudor clash at Bosworth. A night before the slaughter, Fey spirits visit, learned sages struggle to preserve Britain’s strength and power, and demons seek to corrupt.

(c) 2017 Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC

Atlantis’ Wizard University Against the Elder Gods (LARP) (Renaissance World: Attribute Edition)


public domain from wikipedia

Professors, spirits, and students at a Wizard University with Houses and intrigue during an age of Atlantis and mythology, will cast spells, confront demons, and Cthulhu-esque horrors.

A Wizard College in Atlantis reopens after 150 years of closure under the Oracle’s orders; will Atlantis be saved? And, more seriously, will House mascots like lovable Roflpuff and frightening Medusa approve of new students hailing from around the ancient world: Sumeria, Greece, Ethiopia, Egypt, Shang-dynasty China, and other lands? Choose your spells wisely!

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Salem Witch Trials (LARP) (Call of Cthulhu: Modified Edition)


wikipedia public domain

Salem is in a panic. Strange phenomena have occurred. Find the witches, discover the TRUTH, and fight for the soul of this community.

The Devil is loose in the village of Salem. Panic spreads as cries of “witchcraft” fill the air. Find the witches. Fight for the community’s soul. Anyone can be a witch, so keep your eyes open.

Inspired by The Crucible and based on historical records. 

Ia! Ia! Friend Computer Fhtagn (Role Playing Game in the Paranoia System)


A passage opens beneath Alpha Complex into ancient cyclopean ruins. Can our intrepid troubleshooters defeat the evil that lurks below, or will mutual malice and malaise lead to murder?

Ancient, cyclopean ruins that break the sanity of ordinary men. Uncaring deities of immense power that care little about the suffering of their followers. All in the day of the life of a troubleshooter.

When a passage opens deep beneath Alpha Complex, Friend Computer sends a team of disposable troubleshooters to explore. What could go wrong?

Ponyhammer 40K: Before the Horse Heresy (Role Playing Game in the TOON System)


Empress Luna has vanished into a portal to the Everfree to confront the Chaos Gods. Will her little Primares be able to save her before falling to chaos?

A Toon mashup of Warhammer 40K and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The Cutie Mark Crusade is in full swing. Worlds fall before the Imperium of Mane. Empress Luna has decided to confront the Chaos Gods in the Everfree by entering a portal on the planet of Molech. When she does not return, it is up to the Primares: Horse Shimmer, Twilight the Red, Apple Guilliman, Sanguinius Dash, and the rest to save Empress Luna. Will they succeed or will they fall to the dark gods?