Ponyhammer- Characters

Flintlocks & Fancy is proud to present the Primares of the Imperium. These heroes will bring harmony and friendship to all the little ponies. Even if it comes at the end of a bolt shell.

Herd Number Primarch Legion Name
XVI Horse Shimmer Solar Wolves
VI Lightning Russ Space Timberwolves
II ???
X Maud Manus Iron Hooves
III Rarigrim Empress’s Foals
XVIII Vulkan Spitfire Salamanders
VII Rogal Biceps Imperial Hooves
XIII Apple Guilliman Ultramareines
XV Twilight the Red Thousand Mares
IX Sanguinius Dash Blood Pegasi
I Lion El’Blueblood Dark Angels
IV Limestone Pieturabo Stone Warriors
XIV Belltarion Death Guard
XVII Pipgar Word Bearers
V Jaghtai Bon Bon White Scars
VIII The Night Flutter Night Lords
XII Pinkgron Cupcake Eaters
XIX Corvaloo Raven Guard
XI ???
XX Flimius Flamegon Alpha Legion

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