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Lancastrians and Tudors (7)

Henry Tudor (VII) – Less a warrior and more a planner. Fighting to become the next King of England.

Lady Margaret Beaufort – Powerful leader of her House and mother of Henry Tudor.

Jasper Tudor – Fun loving, jovial jaunty General and Uncle to Henry Tudor.

Catherine Woodville- Arrogant and in a difficult situation with a dead rebel husband.  Seeking allies.

Elizabeth Woodville – Former Queen; the new King likely murdered her sons. She may be a witch.

John deVere, 13th Earl of Oxford – Brilliant hardcore military general.

Rhys ap Thomas – Welsh General; defected from King Richard’s side. Free-spirited.


York (10)

Elizabeth of York – Clever and mysterious captive of Richard III; daughter of the former Queen.

Richard III – Unpopular king of England. Likely killed his nephews to seize the throne.

Cecily Neville  – Richard III’s mother. Arrogant, proud, and militantly religious.

Sir William Stanley – Calculating rich General supporting King Richard.

Henry Percy – Jovial General supporting King Richard.

Margaret of York – Recently widowed sister of King Richard. In a difficult position.

John de la Pole – Chivalrous and hot-headed General supporting King Richard.

Francis Lovell – Frivolous, partying General supporting King Richard.

Thomas Howard – Ambitious General supporting King Richard.

Elizabeth Tilney – Countess of Surrey. Wife of Thomas Howard (former lady in waiting to Woodville). Allegedly crazy. Ham it up.


Neutral   (3)

Polydore Vergile – Italian diplomat, later historian for Henry VII.

Guto’r Glyn – Welsh poet of praise poetry. Formerly a strong supporter of Edward IV; who knows now whom he will back.

Abbot (age 45) or Mother Superior Percy (age 47) – Religious figure and confidante and advisor to many.


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