Salem Characters

  • Any character may be played by anyone, female or male.
  • A male can be changed to a female for play purposes; however, please contact ahead of time if that is your desire.

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George Burroughs – former minister in Salem village. He left after not being paid for 3 months. His salary was taken to buy new muskets by Johnathon Walcott He has been ordered back by the court to answer questions about possibly being involved in witchcraft.

Ezekiel Cheever – bailiff of the court and the only person that will start the game with a weapon. He will attempt to keep order tonight.

Giles Corey – surly, cranky old man. He has been involved in numerous lawsuits with his neighbors. Around 15 years ago, he beat an indentured servant to death for stealing apples.

Martha Corey – wife of Giles Corey. She is generally considered a pious, christian woman. She regularly reads many strange books. Her books have been taken into evidence by the court under suspicion of witchcraft.

Joseph Curwen – very odd young man. He ran away from home to study around the world. Now, he runs a shipping business. Unsavory folk frequently bring him wagon loads of peculiar goods.

Governor’s Representative Danforth – one of the judges for the trial. He seems to want to provide mercy to the defendants. However, he still handed down the execution order for Bridget Bishop.

Sarah Good – (Reserved) a poor woman that has a significant debt left from her previous marriage. She wanders the streets begging for money. She is not liked. Tituba accused her of witchcraft.

Doctor William Griggs – the town physician. He examined the children and provided a deposition to the court that they are “under an evil hand” and that their symptoms are not from a natural cause.

Reverend John Hale – (Reserved) a learned minister from the nearby town of Beverly. He was requested by Reverend Samuel Parris for his expertise on witchcraft and the supernatural.

Judge John Hathorne – (Reserved) the other judge for the trial. He seems particularly eager to find and put out the scourge of witchcraft once and for all.

Mercy Lewis – one of the girls throwing out accusations of witchcraft. She lived with George Burroughs but now lives with the Proctors.

Francis Nurse – one of the most respected member of the community. He worked his way up from indentured servant and now owns a significant plot of land next to the Putnams.

Rebecca Nurse – wife of Francis Nurse. She is a very pious elderly woman who is well regarded in Salem village and beyond.

Sarah Osburn – woman that has been in an ongoing feud with the Putnams for years over the estate of her first husband. There are rumors that she had an affair while married to her first husband. Tituba accused her of witchcraft.

Betty Parris – daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris. She is one of the girls throwing out accusations of witchcraft.

Reverend Samuel Parris – the current minister in Salem village. He preaches of brimstone and hell fire every Sunday. He is a very controversial figure in the community with some supporting his work and others opposing it.

Elizabeth Proctor – (Reserved) wife of John Proctor. It is said that she has never told a lie. She has been ill for a while.

John Proctor – he is the leading voice against these witchcraft trials which is causing a split in the community.

Ann Putnam – wife of Thomas Putnam. She had 7 children that died soon after birth. She has been the most vocal supporter of the witchcraft trials.

Thomas Putnam – he owns the most land in Salem village. He has been in a lot of disputes with his neighbors.

Tituba – slave owned by Reverend Samuel Parris. She has confessed to witchcraft and been convicted. Her punishment has not yet been determined.

Johnathon Walcott – he is the head of the town militia.

Mary Warren – the oldest of the girls throwing out accusations of witchcraft. She lives with the Proctors.

Abigail Williams – (Reserved) she is the primary accuser of witchcraft. Where she leads, the other girls seem to follow. She lives with Reverend Samuel Parris and used to work for the Proctors.

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