In 2017, Flintlocks sponsors the following games:

The Tudor Curse (LARP) (Renaissance World: 1st Edition)


1533: The Tudor Curse looms large as Henry VIII seeks guidance from philosophers and politicians and contemplates leaving his Queen. Parliament meets and factions both mortal and supernatural contend for Britain’s soul.

Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Cromwell, Queen Katherine, philosophers like Erasmus and others politick. Demons, patriots, lovers, and fools struggle for Britain’s soul at the famed Cathedral in this Canterbury Tale.

Superheroes: After The End (LARP) (Renaissance World: Attribute Edition)


The best superheroes died preventing The End. Earth needs new protectors now. Tryouts are today; hope for the best.

You survived The End, when extradimensional terrors devastated vast swaths of the Earth. Superhero teams are recruiting new members to enforce Order. Great power and great responsibility await. But, are former villains, youths, bureaucrats, and borderline incompetents really deserving of this chance?

Have A Very Paranoid Xmas (Role Playing Game in the Paranoia System)

Friend Computer created a new holiday, Xmas, to increase your happiness quotient. Join the festivities! Decorate Alpha Complex, visit Santa’s R&D workshop, & deliver presents to good little citizens.

Ponyhammer  40K: Luna Watch (Role Playing Game in the TOON System)

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war… and ponies. Defeat the forces of chaos with the magic of friendship, or just shoot them with bullets.

A horse sits on a throne because Luna is the God Empress of Manekind. She was betrayed by her most faithful student, Horse Shimmer who lead the Horse Heresy. In the final battle, Empress Luna managed to kill Horse Shimmer but not before being fatally wounded. Now she sits on the Silver Throne barely in a state of perpetual death held in place with the technology of the dark ages and the souls of unicorn psykers.