Atlantis Characters

Choosing Characters

Females can play males and vice versa.


All characters, whether students or professors have:
(1) “character questions” to use to decide exciting ways to play the character (e.g., are you a corrupt professor, accepting bribes, or are you trying to reform and are ultra-severe against law-breaking students) and:
(2) “traits” like (Gregarious, Perfectionist, Stubborn, etc.) as broad touchstones, and:
(3) goals for specific guidance.

Three basic types of characters exist. Each “type” plays a different way, to suit different LARP-experience styles.

  • Professors:  In a position of Authority, teach a class, improvise, keep track of some data, and lead. Professors have a lot going on and some defined requirements—personalities and spells are mostly set.
  • House Mascots/Spirits: Emotionally extreme, unstable, and more elemental than “goal” oriented. Their personalities and spells are mostly set and if you want to act hard, play them.
  • Students:  Students have a lot of options in “building” their character’s interests, values, and skills.


Cassandra                                                                           BLUE house

is the Oracle of Troy, whose prophecies no one believed. Since the Trojans lost their war against the Myceneans and her friends and family have been brutally slain, her premonitions once again have credence. She prophesied that Atlantis must re-open its magical University, this time accepting foreigners! Atlantis’ Noble Council followed her premonitions, much to the chagrin of some elements. She leads Roflpuff, the Blue and Red House with the slogan to “Love others; hug & smile & roll on the floor laughing with joy.-Be a Roflpuff.”

Heracles                                                                              GOLD house

The famous strongman; recruited by Atlantis to defend their island. One wonders how he is qualified to teach at a Magical University since he is not well-known for having magic powers. He Leads the patriotic Atlantean Gold and Black and White house, Hedwhig.

Jason                                                                                     PINK house    (Reserved)

of Argonauts fame. He’s flashy and powerful , adventurous, and a bit of a jerk. If you like to tell a good tale, drink with buddies, and go all out, Jason is your guy. He’s the House Head of Hermes, the Pink House.

Medea                                                                                 GREEN house

actually attended the old Atlantean University 150 years ago, when its professors, for the most part, sacrificed themselves to save the Nation from sinking. She is probably the world’s most powerful magic user and is the House Head of the Athena & Ramses, the Green and Gray knowledge-based house. She also used to be married to Jason.

Minotaur (m/f)                                                                 Any house

from the legend of Theseus. You were imprisoned in a labyrinth by your step-father, who fed you only human flesh. Once you escaped the maze; Medea rescued you, and brought you to the magic University, 150 years ago, where you learned magic and fell in love with her. Now that the University has re-opened, you are a professor, ostensibly a neutral among the Houses’ games!

Headmaster Pythagoras                                               Not Available

The nutty professor with his odd ideas about geometry.


Roflpuff the Hippogriff                                                 BLUE House

lives for fun and is the mascot for the Blue and Red house.

Rho II-Delta II, the Golem                                            GREEN House

is a golem for the Green and Gray House Ramses and Athena. Rho is essentially a robot who served for years as a caretaker.

Sparkling Twilight, the Unicorn Pegasus                PINK House

Impetuous and adventurous mascot for the Pink House. Obsessive lover of books and knowledge.

Medusa                                                                               GOLD House  (Reserved)

is the Medusa of legend who can turn people to stone with her gaze. She is very powerful and very scary. If we don’t have enough players, she may be the only representative for the Gold and Black and White patriotic, heroic, and family-centric house that has the slightly unfortunate name of Hedwhig.

Minotaur and Hippogriff (c) 2017 Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC

Minotaur and Hippogriff (c) 2017 Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC

University Student Options: (all any gender except Amazonian- Female)

  • Atlantean Noble (Oikos (family) Rion). Rich and privileged!
  • Atlantean Noble (Oikos Elan) Up and coming family. Compete with B, your cousin.
  • Atlantean Noble (Oikos Elan) Up and coming family. Compete with C, your cousin.
  • Atlantean Noble (Oikos Majister) Peacemaking faction on the Atlantean council.
  • Atlantean Commoner. A Scrounger with a large family to support.
  • Atlantean Thief. Are you reformed?
  • Mycenaean (Greek) Hero/ine. Sacked Troy.
  • Mycenaean (Greek) Sailor. Had a horrifying experience before coming to the island.
  • Egyptian Engineer Ahmose I is your pharaoh, the last native builder of pyramids.
  • Egyptian Priest/ess Tagged along with the engineer and was not invited.
  • Norse Berserker Former prisoner of Atlantis and former Chieftain; turned out to have magical aptitude.
  • Sumerian Astrologer Extremely wise and powerful. The oldest student.
  • Shang (Chinese) Scholar The best read of all.
  • Shang (Chinese) Martial Artist Deadly and conflicted.
  • Ethiopian Wanderer You’ve been everywhere.
  • Udichyan (Indian) Ascetic You live a simple life, doing no harm to animals. (from the city of Ahi-Kshetra in the North)
  • Trojan (Lydian) Hero/ine Would have been at Troy but was on a diplomatic mission.
  • Amazonian Horsemistress Diplomat and warrior.
(c) 2017 Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC

(c) 2017 Flintlocks & Fancy, LLC

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